Illinois Monster Whitetails Exclusive Bow Hunting

Illinois has long been known as one of the premier destinations for trophy free range whitetail. Our Illinois location lives up to the expectations, big bodied, big antlered deer. Boone and Crockett ranks Illinois as the number 2 spot in the U.S. for B&C entries. Our Illinois outfitter is Detail Company approved! Offering some of the best bowhunting there is, with quality tree stands and ground blinds; on main trails, in between bedding areas,  secondary trails, inside field edges, on the field edge, all the classic set-ups an expierenced whitetail hunter expects. This is a truly great opportunity to hunt unpressured mid-west whitetails in the corn belt. 



SOUTHERN ILLINOIS! Long known for producing truly giant deer, Franklin County has the genetics to produce some true monsters. In Franklin County you'll see the typical farm ground you'd expect in Illinois, but this area also offers a diversity of terrian not found in most of the northern Illinois hot spots. The outfitter has 1,000's of acres, intensely managed for trophy whitetails. What's more the surrounding farms that the outfitter does not hunt are managed by QDMA minded hunters and clubs. There are very few people with the "If it's brown it's down" mentality. Making Franklin County one of the more intensely managed areas of the state. 



100% FAIR CHASE, with a 90% shot opportunity over the last 5 seasons. We can accomodate all types of bow hunters, from mobility challenged to the seasoned tree climber. Liscenses are done over the counter or through the Illinois DNR website. The season start is October to January. There is no minimum score, in saying that the outfitter encourages all hunters to hold out for a MATURE deer. As there are no guides sitting in the tree with you, every hunter has there own opinion of what a mature deer is. Hunts are normally scheduled to be a 5 day hunt, like all our adventures we can customize from one day to two weeks. 



We can put you up in a comfortable farm house located near the hunting area, with meals, transportation to and from the field. Or for the budget minded hunter we can arrange a hotel very close by where you provide your own meals, this package still includes the transpotation to and from the field, and game recovery! We can even assist in getting your game processed.


Best times as suggested by DCA: November is the rut.


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