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Canada Cast and Blast - Yes, we Can

By Larry Scheuerman

I have recently experienced an Argentina Cast and Blast for Doves and Dorado and Doves and Patagonia trout (truly awesome and the subject of my next Blog you gotta try it).  So, I say why not a Canadian Cast and Blast based out of Calgary Alberta or even an Alberta/Saskatchewan option.

 Sound interesting please read on:

The prairies received another real winter in 2016/2017 especially in Southern Alberta, lots of snow and cold.  This is not fun to live in but it equates to heavy spring run off and full ponds.   This means duck factory’s will be cranking out Mallards and Canadas by the thousands again this spring and we are overrun with Snows. Our migratory season starts in early September just when Calgary’s Bow river and our neighboring Elk river and hitting the annual high numbers of big bows, browns and cut’s (they need to fatten up for the shit storm we Canadians call winter).  The huge numbers of local and early migrating ducks and geese combined with awesome clear sunny days and fat trout makes for an ideal Cast and Blast scenario. The steaks are as good as Argentina’s, the Canadian $ is close to an all-time low against the US $, flights are short and cheep, what’s not to like about this idea. Also, the ducks are uneducated as we get first crack at them.   We can set you up on a 1- 3-day shoot and as much or as little fishing as you like.

Larry Canada DucksJPG


Options are limited only by your imagination and guide availability (which is disappearing faster than our winter) I am suggesting Calgary city based or Alberta or Saskatchewan lodge based hunts and Calgary of Fernie fishing.  Banff National Park is close by and with the low Canadian $ shopping is low cost and awesome if you want to bring your significant other.   Calgary hotels are low cost and available thanks to the low oil prices

L fish canadaJPG


Interested?  I suggest early September to mid October for a Cast Blast as the weather can be getting risky for comfortable fishing but the trout are here and hungry if you want to push it to late October. 

L trout CanadaJPG


Add a Monster Whitetail or a Moose and shoot November waterfowl if a Blast and Blast is more to you liking. At Detail Company, we have Canada covered.  


L Ducks CanadaJPG

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Pigeons and Why we love them....

The humble pigeon, and why we should respect it.

A pigeon can only be rivaled in speed by a teal or a dove, a pigeon can turn on a dime, barrel roll or loop to loop with the best pilots out there. The aerial acrobatics that a pigeon can perform are unrivaled in the world of wing shooting. When I talk to well-traveled wingshooters, I often ask, “What’s your favorite?”.  More often than not; it’s the humble pigeon they enjoy the most.

Why? It’s not as obvious as one might think. Aside from the sporting flight of a pigeon and the pure speed that leaves the shooter forever behind. It’s the pigeons’ readiness to decoy that most of my clients seem to enjoy, myself included. A group of 5-15 pigeon turning into the decoys may be the most challenging decoyed bird on the planet. The only bird that I can think of that decoys as readily and still challenges the shooter are the various species of teal. Where the pigeon surpasses the teal is on the change of direction. Most hunters have had the privilege of watching dragon fly zip and dart through the sky, pigeon are not too far off this level of agility. In and out of the dekes before you know it.

Another great reason to entertain a pigeon shoot, is the volume of shooting. Paraguay was once the THE place to hunt pigeons, and still has birds, it’s just not safe enough. In Argentina depending on the province, you’ll be able to shoot 200 + birds a day. In Salta Province, on Argentina’s northern border, the pigeons are more plentiful with 500 – 1000 pigeons per day that readily decoy. Uruguay, is still a viable option with 100 or so being a good shoot. The reigning champ of pigeon destinations would have to be Bolivia. Depending on the time of year, 1000 Picazuro pigeons a day can be achieved regularly.

Picazuros’ aren’t like the pigeons we see in North America, they’re bigger, they’re “wild” and they migrate more readily. The Picazuro flies in the ever changing “balled up” flock natural to most pigeons, it’s the numbers that set the Bolivian, Paraguayan, and Northern Argentine Picazuro, apart from just about any other species that decoys. Flocks of 100 – 200 landing in and strafing the decoys happens so fast it’s hard to pick out one bird to focus on. As soon as you’ve settled from your last opportunity another group of ranging from 5 to 100 is presented in the decoy’s. Truly non-stop action that is hard to find any-where.

One of the best things about pigeons? Is that you can shoot them all over the world. We’ve all seen the flocks around our local Grain Elevators, the feed lot, or circling the barn. We see them on the walk into the downtown office, and there are lots of them! There are several outfitters and companies in the U.S. who are starting to cater to the pigeon hunter. In Idaho is perhaps the best instance and in my opinion a north American trend setter…. Soar no More, has been offering pigeon decoys and high volume hunts since 2009. While not affiliated with Soar no More, I admire that they will be responsible for bringing true decoyed pigeons to the masses in the U.S. Credit where it’s due.

The same principles one uses to be a consistent duck hunter, will serve the pigeon hunter well. Knowing where the birds have been working. Setting up on the “X”, movement in the decoys, and concealment, are all solid practices on any decoyed bird. A hunter can shoot year around, and even bait pigeons when the other seasons are out. Giving the wingshooter practice on live birds in the off seasons, will help to up your percentages during your fall duck hunts. Those early teal are in trouble if you’ve spent the summer gunning pigeons.

In the US. Our pigeons are great, they decoy readily and give the shooter a distinct challenge. It’s the high volume shooting of South America that we just can’t compete with. A shooting grounds in the US that shoots 1000 pigeons a gun won’t be shot again for another year or in some cases many more. In S. America you can go to the same blind the next day, not that you will, just that you could. Pigeons are the perfect opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and pass time while you wait for the waterfowl to show up. They are also the ideal trip for anyone wanting to shoot in South America. Whether you’re a duck hunter, a dove hunter, or just shoot on occasion; the humble pigeon will challenge your skills and make you an overall better wingshooter. This is why I love hunting pigeons, they force you to improve, and squab makes for a fine meal.

Until next month; if you’re going to miss…..miss in front.


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Bird Species of South America



Brown Pintail Maicero Anas Georgica
White Cheeked Pintail Gargantilla Anas Bahamensis
Silver Teal Capucino Anas Versicolor
Rosy-Billed Pochard Picazo Netta Peposaca
Brazilian Duck Cutiri Amazoneta Brasiliensis
Ringed Teal De Collar Calloneta Leucophrys
Black Headed Cabeza Negra Heteronetta Atricapilla
Lake Duck Zambullidor Oxyura Vittata
Masked Fierro Oxyura Doninica
Southern Wigeon Overo Anas Sibilatrix
Speckled Teal Barcino Anas Flavirostris
Red Shoveler Cuchara Anas Platalea
Cinnamon Teal Colorado Anas Cyanoptea
Comb Duck Crestodo Sarkidiornis Melanotos
Muscovy Duck Criollo Cairina Moschata
Fulvous Tree Duck Siriri Colorado Dendrocygna Bicolor
Black Bellied Tree Duck Siriri Ala Blanca Dendrocygna Autumnalis
White Faced Tree Duck Siriri Pampa Dendrocygna Viduata


Picazuro Pigeon Picazuro Columba Picazuro
Spot-winged Tinamou Manchada Columba Maculosa
Eared Dove Torcaza Zenaida Auriculata
Picui Ground Dove Torcacita Columbina Picui
Golden Spotted Ground Dove Ala Dorada Metropelia Aymara
Tataupa Tinamou Tataupa Comun Crypturellus Tataupa
Red-Winged Tinamou Colorado Rhynochotus Rufescens
Brushland Tinamou Inambu Montaraz Northoprocta Cinerascens
Spotted Tinamou Inambu Comun Nothura Maculosa
Elegant Crested Tinamou Martinet Comun Eudromia Elegans
Magellan Goose Cauquen Comun Chloephaga Picta


Common Snipe Becasina Comun Gallinago Gallinago

This list is intended as a guide only in the importation of game and does not denote species that are legal or illegal to hunt; this determined by the outfitter and the game laws of the country and province you are hunting in.

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Nicaragua...Wingshootings best kept secret!

Nicaragua Hunting

By: Paul Anderson


In the last several years, more and more hunters have discovered that Hunting in Nicaragua offers some of the best wingshooting in Central America. Since the 1990’s Nicaragua hunting has gone from being “virtually unknown” to becoming “legendary.” Nicaragua serves as the wintering grounds for millions of ducks and offers expansive habitat perfect for dove hunting. Nicaragua's unspoiled lagoons and far-reaching farmlands make for robust bird populations. Dove hunting in Nicaragua means white-winged dove hunting…as a matter of fact hunters can expect 90% – 95% white-winged dove and 5%-10% mourning dove. Duck hunting in Nicaragua means plenty of blue and green teal with occasional Pintails and Wigeon. DCA’s exclusive Nicaragua hunting program is complimented by beautiful accommodations, fantastic regional foods and a friendly staff of professionals to take care of all your needs in and out of the field.

The season for duck & dove hunting in Nicaragua is November – March, for dove only it goes up to April. There is also a short dove season that runs Mid July – Mid August (A break throuugh May and June during the rainy season).

Trips are typically arranged: Thursday AM to Sunday PM or Sunday PM to Thursday AM.


You will be met at the Managua, Nicaragua airport and driven to the lodge where the friendly staff will cater to your every need. Nicaragua Duck hunting will be conducted in the mornings with a (6 box – 150 shell limit per hunt). Wake up call will be at 3:00 am for daily duck hunt; sun is up at 5:15 am. Air boats and mud boats comfortably get hunters to the blinds located in a beautiful volcanic area, home to Nicaragua’s best duck hunting. Hip waders are all you will need. After returning to the lodge, having lunch and a well needed “siesta” hot barrel dove action will begin, an 8 to 12 boxes per shoot is to be expected. All dove fields are 15-20 min. away, duck hunting is 45 min. from the lodge. Additional days of hunting consist of a morning shoot and an afternoon shoot. You will never shoot the same location twice. Typical programs include 6 hunts, 3 duck hunts and 3 dove hunts making this a great mix bag hunt.

During mid-July through mid August there is a break in the rainy season, which allows for the many crops of milo, peanuts, sesame etc. to be harvested and will attract many white wing and blue rock pigeons, making this an incredible summer.


The new lodge is located in the city of Granada (oldest city in the Americas) and is conveniently closer to the marshes where you will be duck hunting. This lodge was a great find that includes 10 large private rooms with private baths, a/c, pool, beautiful terrace area with a great view of the Mombacho volcano, back patio area and a view of lake Nicaragua. The lodge can take up to 8 hunters.The lodge has a wonderful staff, including a great chef, plan on full meals of seafood, steaks, fresh fruit, all with an open bar.

The lodge is located in the beautiful and historic town of Granada, Nicaragua. Nicaragua it’s rated as one of the safest countries and is rated #1 for retirement and second homes for Americans and Europeans and is one of the easiest world-class dove and duck hunting destinations for American hunters to reach. It’s 3 1/2 hr. flight from Houston, 2 hr. flight from Miami, 3 hrs.and 45 min. from Atlanta. Both American Airlines and Continental offer convenient flights to Nicaragua’s capital city of Managua.The lodge is only 45 min. from the Managua International Airport.

Best Nicaragua Dove Hunting times as suggested by DCA: March, April, July and August.


We can accommodate all types of shooters and people. We've had people that literally didn't want to get their feet wet on a duck hunt to the die hard dove hunter looking for a replacement to Mexico White-wings. While the ducks aren't on the level of Ol' Mexico they are plentiful and like all Teal are one of the most sporting birds available to the wing-shooter. 


If you're interested in a Cast and Blast we also represent fishing destinations in Nicaragua and have had great success on Tarpon, Snook and other near shore species. We can ever set your group up for on a big game fishing experience! Nicaragua is fast becoming the sportsman's paradise. If not legendary it soon shall be if we have anything to say about it!!! Give us Call to set up your Nicaragua Hunting or fishing trip! (800) 292-2213



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Bolivia - The High Volume Winshooting Alternative By: Nick Sisley

When it comes to doves and shooting hundreds if not thousands of shotshells a day Argentina has written this book - so to speak. That “book” is still being written in Argentina for it can be non-stop shooting from the start of the hunt until it is over. On the other side of this coin Argentina always means a long overnight flight to get there and then a long overnight flight to get home. The ballpark timing of these flights is about eleven hours – Miami to Cordoba (or wherever) – and then eleven more overnight hours to return, and many of us don’t live in Miami – so add on your domestic flight to Miami – coming and going.

            As folks get older these long overnight flights do wear on us. A second factor is bringing shotguns with you. It costs roughly $200 for each gun you bring in to Argentina, and most of us bring two guns. Getting through the government hoops to pay these costs in Argentina is time consuming, and the authorities are not making this gun process any easier or quicker. Then there are the problems if simply flying domestically from US airports with guns - an issue that also keeps getting more complicated. If you use one airline to fly to Miami and another from Miami to South America you can just about forget getting that gun issue worked out.

            The answer to this gun dilemma can be just to rent. But do you want to shoot 4000 – to say 6000 shotshells out of a non-gas-operated semi-auto? That’s a lot of recoil. Rental costs tend to be about $65 a day, but you won’t face the gun transportation costs and their related issues.

            Back to Bolivia! It is an overnight flight from Miami to Santa Cruz – about 6 hours to La Paz – stay on the same plane – about an hour’s flight to Santa Cruz. Arrival is in time for about a 100 minute drive to one of two lodges that lie to the east around vast Mennonite farming country. Hunt doves that afternoon – with morning and afternoon hunts the next two or three days (your choice), followed by a morning hunt the last day – drive back to Santa Cruz for an overnight stay at a hotel. This is important – fly back to Miami the next day – yes a daytime flight that arrives Miami in time to connect with most flights to your home destination. So it is not an overnight debilitating flight both ways.

            I have made 53 (or more) trips to shoot Central and South America, and I judge the volume of shooting and numbers of doves in Bolivia to be on a par with Argentina. If there is a difference it’s that in Argentina the shooting is year round, though in most instances some months of the year are better than others. In Bolivia the shooting is from May – to October. Why? Because these doves are migratory. They fly northward to Bolivia in May. Go south back to where they came from in October. So if you are after getting away from northern USA winters Argentina is still your choice.

            Another difference is that Argentina has blossomed with literally scores of dove hunting outfitters. In Bolivia there are only two! Costs of the land packages are roughly the same in both countries – as are the price of shotshells. In Bolivia strong efforts are made to recover most all the birds shot so they don’t go to waste. Local poor folks take vast numbers of these.

            Jorge Molina has two lodges, Carlos Olano has one so there are three lodges. Each can feature private rooms taking a max of 8 – 10. These lodges lack nothing in comfort and appointments compared to lodges in Argentina. The food is just as good in either country – which in my experience has always been excellent in both.

            In Argentina long rides to the shooting area can mean it makes common sense to have lunch in the field – then rest in hammocks until the afternoon shooting starts. Lunches in the field can be part of the Bolivia experience, but, on average, the drives to the birds are not as long. Consequently, it is convenient to return to the lodge at midday, often for a second breakfast, a later lunch before shooting again, and your own comfortable bed to rest in. Lunches in the field are a memorable experience to be sure, but so are shorter drives to the birds and resting in a great bed.

            In both countries you will find the local people are great. In Bolivia shooters can rent guns as well. No matter how you add up the pluses and minuses of these two countries the end result is a magnificent experience. Some examples of added costs in Bolivia would be $200 to bring up to four guns in. So if you and your partner each bring in two guns that’s $100 total. These charges are mainly for the assistance of a professional to get your guns in and out of the country. Tips are extra – mainly to bird boys and the lodge staff. Most lodges offer professional massages at extra cost – about $80 an hour though some take only half hour sessions. Carlos Olano has a charge for gun entry, but it is included in the land package. There was a $160 visa required – valid for 10 years – but I believe this requirement has been relaxed. Just check with your agent.

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A New Look Same Great Service....

Detail Company Adventures - July 22, 2016

By: Paul Anderson - V.P. 

Jeri Booth and the DCA team have been working hard all summer, and are proud to take our new website live this week. It's been a challenge that we have thoroughly enjoyed. It's not easy to put Jeri's 30 years of hunting industry knowledge and connections into one website.....believe me it's not easy....the amount of knowledge kept in Jeri's head astounds me daily. She's a walking international hunting and fishing encyclopedia! The connections she's developed over the years have become treasured friends, her clients are fiercely loyal...I've known Jeri for over 10 years now and can without a doubt say she knows as much about international hunting and fishing as anyone. Period. After all she's one of the pioneers of the industry..and I for one intend to see she gets her due.

Think about it....Jeri Booth started DCA in 1980 (the year I was born), in a time when hunting was a male dominated industry. There were no cover photos of women on Outdoor Life, the word Huntress wasn't thrown around on every other hash tag...ladies if you at all hunt, if you are in this industry, you owe Jeri Booth a heart felt thank you....she among a few others helped pave the way. In a time when women who enjoyed the outdoors were not the norm...she is an O.G. Huntress. As her friend and employee, I will be forever grateful for the opportunities she has given me; from traveling the world hunting and fishing to introducing me to some of the industries biggest names. She's changed my life, just as she's changed the face of international hunting and fishing in many ways; she's a pioneer and would kill for her clients. A roll model for any sales person, Jeri keeps her customers best interest at heart at all times, they say business isn't personal....  be careful saying that to Jeri, she takes the defeats and victories very personally. Which I believe all great sales people do, we represent lodges and clients from around the world...but we are in the business of building lasting relationships, and we take those relationships very personally. 

DCA has brought on a new consultant who feels the same way, Larry Scheuerman, a fly fishing aficionado and lover of anything hunted in the mountains. Larry's talents and experiences run deep, hailing out of Canada, Larry is our number one guy for all things in the North Country. As well as our in house fly fishing guru. If you're looking for a fishing trip of a life time or a big bull moose, Larry's your guy!  

This summer has brought on many many changes here at DCA. The new website being the one we are most proud of, along with developing new destinations and programs. My first ever blog, new employees, new everything in alot of ways... one thing that has not nor will not change is our commitment to the customer and finding the best opportunities available! Sign up for the Blog, and stay up to date with the lastest goings on here at DCA. Below you'll find just a couple of the new options, our Red Stag and Dove Program is one we are definitely proud of and hope our clients enjoy this Detail Co. Exclusive. Mendoza Red Stag and Cordoba doves....Does it get any better than that? Here's the run down:


Detail Company Adventures is proud to announce an exclusive Dove and Red Stag combo! With domestic flights, transfers and License included. 

April - May 2017 (later dates are available, but these are prime roar dates!)

Your flights in country are included, your transfers to and from the airports are included, your licenses are included. Our Mendoza Estancia is one the most beautiful and historically correct estancia in all of Argentina, with the dove lodge being one of the top shoots and is an amazing Cordoba dove lodge. Pair this with a some side tours or wineries and you have the trip of a life time. 


  • Arriving from Houston into Santiago, Chile or Buenos Aires.

  • One way Flight to Mendoza

  • 5 nights and 4 days hunt out of Tupungato (best Red Stag program in South America) – Including 1 stag up to 320 SCI

  • One way flight to Córdoba from Mendoza

  • 3 nights and 6 hunts out of Picazuro Lodge

  • One way flight from Córdoba back to Buenos Aires or Santiago

  • Total nights = 8


  • Hunting Licenses at both Locations

  • Domestic Flights in Argentina


  • International Flights

  • Gun rental ($75.00 per day)

  • Cartridges ($13.25 per box)

  • Sanitary and Export Papers for the trophy stag

  • Shipping of the animal (prices vary I can get current rates closer to the date)

  • Gratuities 

    $ 9,995.00 p/person

There are several things we've worked into this trip, number one being the in Argentina flights! taking the head ache out of any planning! Also, we've negotiated a great deal at both Lodges...If you tried booking this trip with anyone else or to these same lodges on your own it would be an $11,000.00 + trip! We're here for you and dedicated to getting you our customer the best deal possible! 


New Mendoza Province Tours!

Another program we're very proud of is our new relationship with our Mendoza tour operator, Tasting Mendoza, and Dolores Montero! Dolores does an unbelievable job, and is has the attention to DETAIL that we expect from all our partners. Whether you'd like vineyard tours at any of the famous wineries, mountain adventures, horse back across the Andes, fishing, touring a working cattle ranch, through our wonderful new partnership we have and amazing assortment to offer. Not to mention the best hotels in Mendoza! Try a couple nights in Mendoza on the front or back end of your next trip. Personally my favorite part of a stop in Mendoza is the night life, and promenade. Around 8-10 pm every evening people walk the main streets, drinking, talking, enjoying several Tapas locations, grabbing dinner, people watching and ambiance.  It's truly a great way to finish off your Argentine vacation. 

We can put something together based on extra large groups or for the couple that wants to get away! Malbec aplenty! 

Check back often as I'll be posting new blogs on a regular basis! Believe me when I say this is just the beginning!  Check back soon and please sign up to the blog and newsletter! Thank you for taking the time to read my first ever blog post, I hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to the progression! I know I am!!!

Tight Lines and Smokin' Barrels,


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Detail Company Adventures Launches New Website

The Detail Company Adventures is proud to announce the launch of our new website. Our new site is your one stop shop for all high end hunting and fishing adventures. We are constantly updating our site with new trips around the globe. Make sure to fill out our contact form to let us know you were here.

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