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"I had been hunting in Argentina four times previously. This, by far, exceeded all the others in the dove hunting, service and food"
P. Poggi

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Alto Parana Lodge – Corrientes, Argentina
Golden Dorado Fishing

Dorado (Salminus maxillosus) are simply one of the most exciting and complete gamefish you’ll find anywhere, a perfect mixture of beauty and fercoity, complex behavior and incredible jumps. Dorado exists only in South America, though their envionrments are very different—from big rivers to small streams, marshes, and deltas. The clear waters of upper Parana River, where the lodge is located, are legendary for its Dorado population. Prepare to be rewarded for the challenge with thrilling, adrenaline-laced fishing. Compared to other fresh and saltwater persuits Dorado stands tall as one of the best. In addition to Dorado, this region also boasts two other great freshwater game species: Pira Pita (Brycon Orbignyanus) and Pacu (Colossoma Mitrei).

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