Dorado (Salminus maxillosus) are simply one of the most exciting and complete gamefish you’ll find anywhere, a perfect mixture of beauty and fercoity, complex behavior and incredible jumps. Dorado exist only in South America, though their envionrments are very different—from big rivers to small streams, marshes, and deltas. The clear waters of upper Parana River, where the lodge is located, are legendary for its Dorado population. Prepare to be rewarded for the challenge with thrilling, adrenaline-laced fishing. Compared to other fresh and saltwater persuits Dorado stands tall as one of the best. In addition to Dorado, this region also boasts two other great freshwater game species: Pira Pita (Brycon Orbignyanus) and Pacu (Colossoma Mitrei)


This section of the Parana flows clear along beautiful fishy banks, sand bars, and islands that create deltas and smaller streams. There are two fishing sessions a day, coming back for lunch and siesta. Fishing times can vary depending on month and climate. This part of the Paraná River is the best to catch Pira Pita and Pacu on dry flies. There are very good opportunities for sight fishing. We have specifically designed skiffs for this type of fishing. First class guides and equipment round out this amazing dorado program. This destination is strictly catch & release.

The season runs from January 4 until May 31, 2014.

In terms of tackle, 7- to 9-weight outfits for dorado and pacú and 5- to 6-weight outfits for pira pitá. All with tropical floating fly lines. In terms of flies, 4- to 6-inch streamers tied on 2/0 hooks, include a few mice imitations; bulky floating attractors tied in 1/0 hooks and some weighted deer hair fruit imitations tied on 1/0 for pira pitá and 2/0 for pacú.


Alto Parana lodge is based out of a traditional northern Argentinean tropical estancia built in 1800 and recently refurbished; the lodge capacity is for 4 anglers and 4 non-anglers in single suite room configuration. The four rooms have en-suite bathrooms and are fully air-conditioned. A large living room, a dining room, a well stock bar, a fly-tying table and a swimming pool complete the amenities at the lodge. Gourmet dining with Argentina’s famed beef and fine wines, traditional Asados (BBQs), and delicious desserts will be waiting upon your return from the river. The lodge has telephone and internet access, laundry service, a fly shop fully equipped with flies, rods, reels, lines and apparel. There are available rods to loan to anglers in case of need.


The lodge is located in Corrientes province in Argentina by the legendary Parana River. The river here marks the border between Argentina and Paraguay. Daily flights are available from Buenos Aires (Aeroparque domestic airport AEP) to Posadas (PSS), the nonstop flight is 1.3 hours. From the Posadas airport there is a 1.2-hour drive to the lodge.

  • Several international airlines serve Buenos Aires and nonstop service is offered from Dallas Ft. Worth, Miami, Houston, and New York.
  • The season runs from January 4 until May 31, 2014.
  • Google earth Coordinates for this destination are: 27° 38’ 37.44” South; 56° 52’ 01.13” West.
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