Bolivian Golden Dorado

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Bolivian Golden Dorado

Deep in the primeval forests of Bolivia, flow rivers untouched by man, and unseen by modern anglers. Pristine rivers meander through dense lush jungle, with the sounds of wildlife that accompany you throughout your trip. There are jaguars in the forest and in the rivers, “Tigre de Rio” as the locals call the Golden Dorado.

The River Jaguar is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the worlds best game fish. With it’s popularity among anglers increasing every year. The Golden Dorado should be high on any serious fisherman’s bucket list! Hard runs in the tight quarters of a Bolivian mountain river! Imagine your favorite river, but teaming with 10 – 20 pound highly aggressive trout. That’s what you get in Bolivia…



8 days/6.5 fishing days.



The Bolivian Amazon headwaters of the Casare River. Though remote is an understatement the team in Bolivia works hard to leave as little an impact on the environment as possible conducting business with a leave no trace policy. The jungle habitat is full of diverse animal and plant life, as the mountain rise up from the river you'll hear bird life, monkey and all sorts of other animals. 



Golden Dorado, Surubi (striped catfish - possible on fly!), Yatorana, Pacu, Silver Dorado among others.



You will fly in to Santa Cruz’s Viru Viru Airport where a representative will meet you. Please see Itinerary below for more info.



There are two lodging options to suit most individuals.

The Main Camp

Casare Camp is the main camp is quite comfortable, and fully equipped to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Large Safari style tents are your home away from home and serve as a base camp for the trip. Comfortable beds, fully functional bathrooms including showers, fans in each tent, and cool nights help the weary angler dream of monster Golden Dorado. The electricity is powered by either solar batteries/panels or gasoline powered generators. A very comfortable camp with on site staff 24/7 to best serve the guests.

This program is tailored to give an angler the complete experience of fishing for golden dorado in the farthest corner of its home range; where golden dorado meet Amazon jungle. Designed to give each adventurer various fishing situations so as to further each anglers knowledge of the Golden Dorado. The woody structure of the lower Casare River or fishing the boulder-riddled clear water of the upper sector, the Casare River offers an amazing opportunity to fish for the Golden Dorado in one of the most pristine jungles in the world! Anglers will be able to pursue golden dorado, yatorana, surubi, and other game species on the fly, and if they choose to, also try out some bait fishing for giant catfish, armored catfish and surubi.

Clients will stay at a combination of the fly camps and our main camp, Camp Casare. Anglers are split into two groups in order circulate through all the areas designed into this program. Two anglers per english speaking professional fly-fishing guide.

The Expedition Camp

An option for the more adventurous angler is the expedition camps, the main point of the expedition camp is to fish previously untouched water. This area has been a work in progress and is a new fishery on the international level, you'll fish untouched water while also being one of the first anglers to fish this newly opened area. These are on the spot drop camps for the adventurous angler. In many cases you will be one of only a handful of people to ever see that particular stretch of river. Highly motivated and knowledgeable outfitters that are constantly looking for the next stretch of river, or unexplored reaches you just never know what beauty and adventure you’ll find on the Golden Dorado Expedition.

Starting up the Casare River to the main camp which is only just the beginning of this adventure. Two - four lucky anglers will continue on moving up stream towards the newly opened fly fishing paradise of the headwaters of Pachene River. It's here that the angler get to see what the majesty of the jungle and how it all works together, a masterpiece of mother nature. Golden Dorado and Surubi are the dominant predators in the headwaters, they have no pressure, and most fish have never seen a fly. Large schools of big dorado, occasionally up to 20 in a school in clear water is enough to get angler weak kneed. There are fish scattered through out the river, you'll see Dorado and Surubi cruising pools and runs, or a large Golden Dorado tucked beautifully behind a shoreline boulder. You'll wade through the river keeping watchful eye out for anything swimming. You may even break trail, helping to add to the mystic of being one of the first anglers to fish this stretch of river. This is the fly fisherman’s river, riffle, hole, run, with boulders and different structure to break the current, eddies and bends, beautiful meanders and all the jungle to love.

Tents are top quality, and every attempt is made to provide comfort and ease of travel. The Staff is well equipped to set up and take down camp quickly and easily. In many cases you’ll be fishing before you ever know the camp is packed and on the move. Think un-pressured new water everyday!

Comfortable, yet is still very much an expedition the jungle is ever present and will sing you to sleep with frogs and night animals, your wake up call is the morning song of the jungle.




You should expect to wade over rocks, and through current. This is true wilderness fishing, the jungle will test you and the fish will test you. Bolivia gives her golden treasure to those who earn it, this is the definition of getting way from everyone.

The rivers as you move up stream show you several habitats, with the final destination being the clear headwaters of the Golden Dorado on the fly in smaller warm water mountain streams, fish up to 40lbs chase the migrating Sabalo to the head waters.


Rods: 7-10 weight rods are the recommended sizes for the different species and conditions. A 9’ 9wt. being the most practical all around rod. 10wt are for the upper-most sector of the river, where shallow pockets among lots of boulders and structure force you to use a rod with more backbone, especially with those 30+lbers!

Reels: Any quality reel with a good drag system and at least 100 yards of 30 pound backing.

Lines: Most fishing is done with freshwater or saltwater floating lines and lines with built in intermediate tips. Lines like the Rio Saltwater Versi-Tip or a 300 grain saltwater sinking head are handy as well and allow anglers to get down deep when needed. While not mandatory, it can be nice to have two rods rigged, one with a floater and one with a sinking tip.

Top 3 lines: Rio Outbound Fresh, Clouser Freshwater and Wulff Ambush.

Leaders/Tippet: 9 ft. leaders with 20-60 pound tippet and wire are the norm. Bring along spools of 25, 30 and 40 pound mono as well as 2 spools each of 40 and 60 pound coated wire tippet. With these diameters we typically fashion our own simple leaders. Titanium leaders are also a very good choice.

Flies: Big Fish like big flies, large dark 4-8 inch patterns for muddier water, with lighter colors for clear water. We highly recommend taking 4 – 6 dozen flies. They have some flies available for sale, and do have flies made specifically for the rivers you will fish, a chance to purchase or restock some flies on-site. Keep in mind if the fishing is constant, you will most likely end up buying 2-3 dozen flies on site with cash. Fishing is mostly done using baitfish imitations. Full black, and combinations of black and red, black/purple or black/green are very effective. The most popular fly used is the Andino Deceiver. It is just like a regular Deceiver but has lead eyes and a muddler head. Another popular fly used is the Lefty’s Deceiver. Small imitation of fruits (figs) and nuts in green and dark patterns are irresistible to Yatoranas and if everything comes together, the elusive Pacu.


Sample Itinerary

8 Days /6.5 Days Fishing
Day 0
  •  Viru Viru (VVI) Airport: Hotel staff member will be at VVI waiting for you.
  • Transfer to Hotel Buganvillas Suites and Spa Check-In: Rest for an early morning departure to our destination. (one night included in your package)(Double occupancy)(Single occupancy upon request and extra cost)
Day 1
  •  Early Breakfast: Enjoy Buganvillas Suites and Spa highly commended buffet breakfast.
  • Chartered Flight to Jungle Airstrip: Transfer to our local airport, and prepare for cessna flight. Estimated flight time: 2:35 hours.
  • Arrive at jungle airstrip and begin transfer to our first fly camp via dugout boat.
  • Fishing-on-the-go: Fish the woody structure and runs of the lower Casare River as boats are pushed upstream by our crew and guides.
  • Set up our fly camp for the night. Fish around the area until dark, then return for dinner and rest.
Day 2
  • Early Breakfast.
  • We will fish our way up towards Casare Camp. Anglers will take turns, two at a time, at each opportunity to cover structure and runs on our way upriver. Some very productive areas along this way, which, with proper skills, should produce a good sized dorado for each angler.
  • Shore Lunch.
  • Continue pushing upriver: Fish runs and structure, taking turns respectively, on our way upriver towards main camp.
  • Arrive at Casare Camp for dinner and rest.
Day 3
  • Early Breakfast.
  • Split into two teams, two anglers per team. A) fishes beats in mid Casare. B) fishes beats in lower Pachene.
  • Shore Lunch.
  • Continue fishing assigned beats for group A and B.
  • Return to Casare Camp for dinner and rest.
Day 4
  • Early Breakfast.
  • Team A) fishes Mid-upper Casare. B) fishes Lower-mid Pachene River.
  • Shore Lunch.
  • Continue fishing assigned beats for group A and B.
  • Set up fly camp at designated zone. Fish around the area until dark.
  • Return to fly camp for dinner and rest.
Day 5
  • Early Breakfast.
  • Team A) Fishes upper Casare. B) Fishes Mid-Upper Pachene.
  • Shore lunch.
  • Continue fishing assigned beats.
  • Return to fly camp for dinner and rest.
Day 6
  • Early Breakfast.
  • Each of the two teams fishes their our way back downriver.
  • Shore Lunch.
  • Continue fishing downriver to Casare Camp.
  • Arrive to Casare Camp for dinner and rest.
Day 7
  • Early Breakfast.
  • Split into two teams and fish beats around the area.
  • Return to Casare Camp to finish packing and have lunch.
  • Fish our way downriver to our previous fly camp location. Fish in points of interest on our way down.
  • Arrive to set fly camp, dinner and rest.
Day 8
  • Early Breakfast.
  • Transfer to Jungle Airstrip: Make our way down river to catch our flight back to the city of Santa Cruz.
  • Packed Lunch: Eat on our way to the jungle airstrip and ensure travel efficiency.
  • Arrive at airstrip and catch flight back to Santa Cruz. 
  • Transfer back to Hotel: If your flight does not leave this night, it will be your second night at Buganvillas Suites & Spa. (not included in package)
  • If your flight leaves this evening, transfer back to Viru Viru Int’l Airport will be arranged for you.
Day 9
  • Early Breakfast: Enjoy your last breakfast buffet at Buganvillas Suites & Spa.
  • Departure: Angling Frontiers will have arranged your transfer to Viru Viru (VVI) Airport for your departure back home.
    Additional Stay: If your returning flight requires you to stay another day, please request in advance (at your own cost) an additional night at the hotel (not included in the package).


DCA is proud to offer what we believe is one of the very best wilderness fishing trips in the world. Run by two of the best outfitters in South America, highly motivated and guest oriented, DCA has full faith in our Bolivian Golden Dorado Fishing.

Give DCA a call for pricing and travel options, we’re here to customize your trip and make your adventure fishing dreams a reality!

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