Argentina Wingshooting

Argentina Wingshooting

Argentina is the land of possibilities for people who love the outdoors, from fishing and hunting to Horses and Culture, Argentina offers something for everybody.  In the realm of hunting and Fishing Argentina excels not just in geographic layout, but in variety of game, terrain in which the same species can be hunted. Ease in getting on location. These variables can be daunting, that’s why you come to us. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll do our very best to meet and exceed your goals. The map shows when where and how. Just hover over an icon or area, and you’ll see whats available.

Getting to Argentina is easily done from any of the major US international airports, flights average around 12 hours into Buenos Aires from there you can depart for Cordoba, or any of the other Argentine domestic airports, another great option is flying through Santiago, Chile with continuing service into Argentina.


Doves are always available, year round. April and May tend to mean longer drives as the harvest is usually in full swing. Shooting can be found thoughout most of Argentina, with Cordoba being the Historic Dove capital of the world. Each of our trips is tailor made to your specifications, by working with numerous outfitters throughout Argentina we provide a personalized plan for your trip. No one lodge fits all personalities nor requirements, let us put you in the right place at the right price. The doves will be there, the differences lie in drives, amenities, hosts, and infrastructure.


Ducks can be shot from Late May through to the end of July. We have options ranging from ultra luxurious to comfortable. With lodges spread a crossed the country to just a couple hours outside of Buenos Aires. We can find the place that suits you and your group the best. Shooting is fantastic, nothing in the US can compare to an Argentine duck hunt. From blinds, to bird boys, and the fantastic variety you’d expect, an Argentine Duck has it all.


Perdiz are an upland bird that come in several different varieties. Hunted over dogs or through a walk up hunt Perdiz are gamey birds which flush in groups or 2 -3. They make an extremely sporty combination when added to a duck hunt. 


Pigeon aren’t always available in many areas of Argentina; with the exception being the northern provinces with a focus on the Salta Province. Pigeon are very sporty with aerobatics to rival any game bird.

As a country Argentina ranks 8th overall in square miles, meaning it’s a large country. Hunting can be had in all kinds of topography, and habitat. In Patagonia you’ll see more mountainous terrain, while La Pampa is flat brush country. The game changes as location and habitat change, this where our 30 years of scouring Argentina will pay off for you! We’ve done the leg work for you, with the large amount of information to consider, 1,073,518 square miles to cover, tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll tailor a trip custom made to suit your needs..

DCA stands behind our outfitters… We represent the best and are proud of the relationships we’ve built.

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