Cordoba - Dove Hunting's Finest!

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Cordoba is located in the very heart of the of Argentina – a wing-shooters dream come true – it’s a place where doves literally fly all day and you can dove hunt in Argentina year-round. The Eared Dove of Argentina is an amazing little propagator – roosts can easily have a population of 20 million doves – that’s one roost! South American Dove shooting at it's finest! True High volume doves hunting!

A customer of ours said it best, “there was never a time that I had a gun in my hand that I couldn’t have taken a shot if I had wanted to, the entire day.” -- J. Twyman

That’s Cordoba Dove hunting, in a nutshell.

You can shoot all you want and then some! All 365 days of the year! As popular as Cordoba is, there are options; and competition among outfitters is fierce. One roost might have three lodges shooting off of it while another might only have one. Many dove hunting estancias say they have the best this, or the best that…the shortest drives to the fields, the cheapest shells, the best food, etc. Many of them do have something different to offer, many don’t.


Why don't we have one outfitter and prices?

Cordoba has alot of options, and no one option is going to suit everyone of our customers needs. Making our trips truely customizable, we can work with any number of hunting lodges to make sure you get the right trip for you! 

A good price range would be $3,500 - $5,000.00

Sorting through all these options is often overwhelming, or leads to frustration that can keep people from even going. Detail Company Adventures has been sending dove hunters to Cordoba since the 80s – we helped pioneer the industry, and have a special insight into what makes a Cordoba dove lodge truly great. There are over 15 dove hunting outfitters in Cordoba alone. Not all Cordoba dove hunting outfitters are created equal, there are many variables to consider when talking about a trip to Cordoba. 

Detail Company Adventures represents 12+ dove shooting lodges in Cordoba alone.

We know where the hurdles are, we know where the birds are, and we know the country. Whether it’s the original Cordoba hot spot in the Villa Maria area, or the huge roosts of Macha, Jesus Maria, Arroyito, Cruz Del Eje, among many many others.... we’ve been there and we can help you find the BEST Dove Shooting accommodations for your party. There are more dove hunting options in Cordoba than anywhere else – we hope you will let us help you find the best option for you! Our number one goal is that our Cordoba dove hunting customers are happy, our opinion is unbiased and honest...we'll use our experience and travel to pair you with the absolute best dove hunting option for YOU! Give us a call and we'll set you up on the trip thats right for you.


There are two common ways of going into Cordoba, either through Santiago, Chile or Buenos Aires. 

The Santiago option is normally what we recommend for groups who have little interest in Buenos Aires, and have been to Cordoba. Santiago also has flights to and from Mendoza making it very easy to pair your Cordoba dove hunt with a couple days of wine tours in Mendoza. The Flight from most Southern U.S. airports is around 12 hours, upon arrival in Santiago you'll switch to your Cordoba Gate and DO NOT have to clear customs until you arrive in Cordoba. 

The Buenos Aires option works great for groups wanting to tour the city, or have some time to kill. Buenos Aires works with two airports and most flights for Cordoba depart from Newberry Airport (the domestic), some flights do leave Eieza Airport (the international) with continuation onto Cordoba. Depending on the scheduling, gates, and tickets. You may have to clear customs to continue on, other times you can fly into Cordoba and clear customs there. 

If your ticket has you departing out of Newberry Airport, you will have to cross the city the same day as arrival. This increases the risks to getting to the lodge on time, and is why we almost always recommend arriving into Buenos Aires and staying a night then departing from Newberry the next day. We have some excellent transfer agents and tour operators in Buenos Aires, who offer wonderful side trips. Including, restaurants, tango shows, museums, and many more of the cultural attractions that are in B.A.

IWhen you travel with Detail Company Adventures, we have all this planned out for you. You know long before you arrive when, where, why, and how, long before you depart for Cordoba. DCA will be more than happy to arrange your flights for you and has been getting people in and out of Cordoba since the early 80's!





The Cordoba dove hunt is like nothing most hunters have ever seen. If you have not been to South America, all we can say is; you have to see it to believe it. Thousands of doves can be shot in a day, with the Cordoba record being around 12,000+! When Shooting in Cordoba, your overall costs lies in the shell bill and not so much in the daily rate. Depending on which lodge you choose, the terrain can vary from flat to very steep. Most hunting is done on the flight paths from the roost to the agriculture fields. Several lodges in Cordoba are located right next to or very close to the roost and fly-ways. Some are not.

Shooting is conducted from a blind or natural brush, with a bird boy at your side to load your gun. Which they can do so smoothy that you need to keep track of your boxes, as a good bird boy can make the shooting go by very fast. Cordoba Dove Hunting is world renowned for a reason, the shooting should be non-stop. Normally drives to the fields are short, allowing for more shooting time in the day. We represent only two lodges where one of the fields is a walk out the back door. 


To experience true high-volume shooting, with a level of refinement rarely seen elsewhere, it’s hard to beat the dove hunting lodges of Cordoba. We focus on the things that matter, so you don’t have to!

Give us a call or contact us for the DETAILS!

Best time to go suggested by DCA: Year-Round 

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