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"I had been hunting in Argentina four times previously. This, by far, exceeded all the others in the dove hunting, service and food"
P. Poggi

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Exclusive Argentina Mixed Bag Hunting

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Argentina is an expansive country with diverse landscapes, regional cultural differences and endless adventure options. Whether you’re looking for an incredible side-trip to compliment your hunting / fishing trip, or you’re interested in unique adventure excursions that stand on their own, we’ve got you covered. Our Exclusive Argentina Adventure programs range from exciting city tours in Buenos Aires, to vineyard tours in the beautiful Mendoza wine country, to day trips to Iguazu Falls, to golfing tours in Patagonia and much, much more. All of our packages are customizable to meet your specific interests. We’ve got getaways designed for old friends, couples, entire families and of course business entertaining. Check out our complete library of Argentina Adventure Travel options.

Make Your Next Trip Your Best Trip

Adventure Packages

Remember, we can combine your hunting experience and adventure packages offering you the ULTIMATE experience!

Mendoza, Argentina – Wine Tours & More

Adventure in Patagonia from the Andes to the Pacific – 11 days

Across the Andes – 9 days

Ski Programs

Patagonia Mountain and Sea – 10 days

Northen Patagonia Horseback Riding – 9 days

Aconcagua Region Horseback Riding – 7 days

Las Ninfas Area Adventure – 4 days

Adventures in Cholila – 7 days

Patagonian Lakes and Forests – 7 days

Horseback Riding in Northwestern Argentina – 7 days

Salta Following the footsteps of General Güemes – 1 day

Adventure in Iguazú – 4 days

Polo in Buenos Aires – 9 days

Polo in Arelauquen – 9 days

Golf in Buenos Aires – 6 days