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Located in McLennan, Alberta on Kimwan Lake, which is the bird capital of Canada. McLennan is at the junction of the peace parkland and dry mixed wood natural regions and several flyways cross over or are near to Kimiwan Lake, this strategic location means that many of North Americas migratory species can be found at one point or another in the area. The most recent survey of the area put the count at 233 species of birds that have been seen within 15kms of Kimiwan lake. Each morning and evening the lake is alive with the noise and activity of birds coming and going, loafing, or returning from feeding.

Our outfitters hunt within a 60 mile (100km) radius of McLennan in the heart of the peace country. McLennan is surrounded by agricultural; wheat, barley and pea crops provide the necessary ingredients needed to attract the migrating waterfowl. The Ducks and Geese that come though are naive about decoys and blinds as they enter the peace country, this is the beginning of when their migration enters active hunting zones.

Our outfitter has been working in this area for over 10 years and has developed good working relationships with the farmers in the area who welcome hunters due to the tremendous impact the sheer numbers of migrating geese and ducks have on their crops.

Flights in and out of Peace River go through Calgary or Edmonton. It is best too look at flights before booking your trip. Daily flights are usually available. 

Driving: It is a 12 hour drive from Great Falls MT to Peace River, Alberta.....if you're the road trip lover it looks epic!



Safety First!

Experts in Safety and Equipment – The guides conduct safety meetings at every shoot and new hunters are taken out to practice prior to the hunt. All of our guides have first aid training.

What to expect:


Expect to be up early, our days start at 4:00 a.m. providing an opportunity to see the Alberta northern lights while enjoying a light meal. The morning goose and duck hunt is exhilarating, thousands of Canadian, speckled and snow geese and numerous varieties of ducks including mallards, pintails and widgeons, fill the skies from early September to late October providing some awesome hunting opportunities. There is no shortage of waterfowl in Alberta and these birds rarely shy from the decoys and blinds we set up. Blinds are extremely comfortable and allow for a great line of sight.


Good food and sharing some hunting stories when we return from the morning hunt. After a fine brunch you can relax, stretch your legs with a nature walk, grab a nap, or visit until it is time to head out for the evening shoot.


If you haven't already reached your daily limit, the evenings are spent field hunting and pass shooting ducks and geese. With a very wide variety of waterfowl species in this area, the opportunity for a true mixed bag is real. After the evening hunt you will return to the lodge for your evening meal and wind down from an exhausting day of hunting. When you hunt with us you'll know why our Alberta Waterfowl Hunting is some of the best offered anywhere.

Alberta waterfowl hunting is a very social sport, you can laugh and share in the blinds and again in the evening over supper at the lodge. This builds bonds and connections that last a life time. Making our Alberta Waterfowl hunt a great family or corporate trip!


Having the Earliest Hunting Season in North America...... Means More Opportunity

The Alberta Waterfowl season starts on September 1st  and is one of the earliest waterfowl openers in North America.  September 1 – October 31.  The many years of success are attributed to consistently high-performance hunting results, plentiful game, beautiful scenery, excellent meals and of course, warm and friendly hospitality.

Don’t doubt the Scout:

The key to your waterfowl hunting success lies in summer scouting of fields that will hold waterfowl in the fall, finding and keeping track of farm fields as they are harvested and then scouting where the birds are eating is a daily event through the season. Dry field hunting is a unique experience for most US clients as 95% of them hunt in and over water only; dry field hunting is a physically less demanding hunt and more comfortable without the dampness and the need to be in chest waders while hunting.

The Boreal Forest farm fringe land is 6,800 square miles of perfect habitat our boreal forest, potholes, and grain fields provide the perfect habitat for hunting game. We have four of Alberta’s most productive hunting zones at our disposal, totaling over 6,800 square miles of World Class hunting.

The Birds....

The Peace River region is known as The “Bird Capital of Canada” and has the best dark goose-hunting destination on the North American continent.  Hunters can expect a true Canadian mixed-bag waterfowl hunt.

Geese: Goose species include the Greater Canada, Lesser Canada, Cackler Canada, White-Fronted (also known as a Speckle Belly), Snows, Blue Geese, and Ross.

Ducks: Mallard and Pintail ducks stage in the thousands in the peace parklands, for those hunters wishing to pursue field- feeding ducks, DCA considers the Peace River Country a world class waterfowl destination some of the available ducks include Mallards, Pintails, Gadwalls, Blue/Green Winged Teal, Widgeon, Red Heads and Canvas Backs. It is indisputably one of the premier waterfowl hunting areas in North America.

More Opportunity Equals Guaranteed Results!

Location, Location, Location = Opportunity, 95% of our hunters will see and shoot more birds in 3 days then they will in their entire bird season back home. Located in the center of the “X” in the heart of the hourglass there are 3 migration flyways that go right through where we live and hunt.

Now, there are something’s we cannot control, like Mother Nature, animal behavior, birds or your shooting ability.  But, we are dedicated to providing you with excellent accommodations, knowledgeable hunting guides and a truly memorable hunting experience.

Top of the line equipment, with new waterfowl decoys and blinds each year and can provide you with backup guns if yours fails; gun cleaning tools; as well as any additional gear if you are unprepared.

Travel Time To Hunt

While our competition has a drive to the field of around 90 minutes, we will be hunting no further than 45 minutes maximum from our hunting lodge! Half the time, and more time in the field! This also ensures that clients have time to relax and share their experiences back at the lodge over drinks, a fire, and a great meal.

Limits (2016)

Snows and Ross’s Geese: 50 daily with no Possession Limit.

Dark Geese: 8 daily with 24 in possession. (with special regulations)

Ducks: 8 Daily with 24 in possession. (with special Regulations)




Offers satellite TV, internet service, and great sitting areas to relax and catch up in the afternoon, and in the evening, enjoy a great camp fire with your friends.

After an outing in the cool, crisp Albertan landscape stalking massive big game or the many birds in incredible world-class hunting allocation, you’ll love to feel our warm hospitality, and relaxing accommodations.

The Best Home Cooking

The lodge has excellent table fair that includes many recipes of duck and goose served along with many of the great home cooking recipes that remind us of long days in the fresh air and a hearty meal to follow.

Self-serve continental breakfast each morning, professional cook to serve you lunch and dinner at the lodge.

Airport Transfer from Peace River, Alberta Soft drinks, Coffee and Sandwiches in the field.

Includes Accommodations at the lodge with double occupancy.

•           Self-serve continental breakfast each morning, lunch and dinner at the lodge.

•           Airport Transfer from Peace River, Alberta

•           Soft drinks, Coffee and Sandwiches in the field

•           Bird breasting and freezing



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