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It is no secret that Canada offers some of the world’s best duck and goose hunting. Though there can be great duck and goose hunting in several parts of Canada, Saskatchewan is often considered the best waterfowl-hunting province in the entire country. Our Saskatchewan hunting guides have been hunting ducks, geese and upland game in their area for more than 40 years. They know the birds and the land like the back of their hands. In early fall, millions of ducks and geese start moving through Canada’s Central Flyway. Our Saskatchewan duck hunting and goose hunting areas are perfectly situated right in the path of these migrating birds.

Our hunters are among the very first that the birds encounter. Because of this, these “uneducated” ducks and geese decoy beautifully. Furthermore, our potholes, grain fields and marshlands provide perfect waterfowl habitat. We have four of Saskatchewan’s most productive hunting zones at our disposal, totaling over 8,500 acres of premier Canadian waterfowl hunting territory. Hunters can expect a true Canadian mixed-bag hunt. Goose species include the Greater Canada, Snows, Blue Geese, Ross and White-Fronted (also known as a Speckle Belly). Some of the available ducks include Mallards, Pintails, Blue/Green Winged Teal, Widgeon, Northern Shovelers, Red Heads and Canvas Backs. The upland hunting in Saskatchewan can also be fantastic. Huge populations of wild upland birds make for consistent shooting. Our upland hunting program offers a great option for hunters who reach their waterfowl limits early in the day, but want to continue hunting in the afternoon.


Our scouts work hard to ensure everyone gets the most out of their Saskatchewan waterfowl hunting trip. Each night, our guides will go over the game plan with you for the next day’s hunt. Your hunt will start with an early wake-up knock each morning. A light hunter’s breakfast of toast, jam, muffins, cinnamon buns, cereal, coffee and juices will get you moving. Then it’s off to the fields for a morning goose hunt. During the goose hunt, expect to see many ducks coming to the decoys as well. Be sure to listen for the whistling wings, and keep a look out for the occasional teal. When limits are reached, or when the morning flight concludes, you will be escorted back to the lodge for a hearty breakfast prepared by our camp cook. After breakfast there is plenty of time to enjoy some well-earned R&R. In the afternoons, guests enjoy the mixed-bag upland hunting we have close to the lodge. Species typically include Sharp Tailed Grouse, Ruffled and Spruce Grouse and Hungarian Partridge. If hunters don’t reach their limits of ducks in the morning, they do have the afternoon option of hunting in one of our many grain fields or water holes to reach their duck limit.

Limits for waterfowl are as follows:

  • White Geese: 20/Day (60 possession)
  • Greater Canadas and Speckle Bellies: 8/Day (16 possession)
  • Ducks 8/ Day (16 possession)
  • Travel: You will be flying into Saskatoon Airport, where you will either rent a car for the drive up to the lodge, or can pay $400.00 for a representative of the lodge to come pick you up and drop you off. The drive to the lodge will take a little over two hours and is very scenic. Airfare typically ranges from $650.00 to $800.00.
  • Gun Registration: Registration is required for all firearms entering Canada with tourist, you can call customs at (306) 780-5218 in Saskatoon,(306) 975-4755.
  • You can also go to: for more information on getting a gun into Canada.
  • You will not be able to bring a gun into Canada if you have ever been convicted of a DWI, or felony in the United States. For more information on this please call (306)927-2335.
  • Passports are now required to get into Canada.
  • You can find up to date hunting regulations at Saskatchewan Environment:

Equipment List:

  • Soft Gun Case for Shotgun
  • Layered Clothing Appropriate to Temp (70 degrees F to –4 degrees F)
  • Camo Hat, Hunting suit and Face mask
  • White Hunting suit and face mask for snow goose hunting
  • Rain gear, Hip boots, appropriate footwear for field hunting
  • Ammunition, (supplied if you would like, must advise before hand) Two – three boxes per day steel shot only for waterfowl, and lead for upland. #2-4 for ducks, Min. BB for geese, and 7-8 shot for upland)
  • One extra shotgun is recommended for the group, plugs must be in to allow for three shots total.
  • Gun Cleaner
  • A cooler if taking birds home.
  • Duck and Goose calls, for calling when guide is picking birds up or spotting.
  • Camo or black guns are recommended
  • Dog Kennels, all dogs must sleep in kennel, all group members must want to hunt with dogs.
  • Beer and liquor can be provided at extra charge upon arrival.
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