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"I had been hunting in Argentina four times previously. This, by far, exceeded all the others in the dove hunting, service and food"
P. Poggi

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Uruguay Bird Hunting – Duck, Dove, Pigeon & Perdiz

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Bird Hunting Report – January 2010

Uruguay’s San Cirilo Lodge is not your average wingshooting estancia. San Cirilo is not only one of the two DCA-Endorsed duck hunting lodges in Uruguay, it is also one of South America’s few TRUE 4-feather mixed-bag hunting destinations. San Cirilo offers incredible duck, dove, decoyed pigeon and perdiz hunting…all from one luxurious lodge. DCA hunters also have the option of adding Golden Dorado fishing to the bird hunting. How is it all possible? San Cirilo is ideally situated in the midst of over 100,000 acres of sunflower fields, sorghum fields, soybean fields, cattle pastures, ponds and riverfront…making it a virtual sportsman’s paradise with game so abundant you’d have to see it to believe it.

Uruguay Duck Hunting – (May 01 – Sept 15)
The duck hunting in Uruguay has always been good, particularly in the upper western part of the country. But minimal local and commercial hunting over the years has limited the hunting pressure. The limited pressure, coupled with the area’s huge food supply and numerous ponds, make for ideal duck hunting conditions. From the late fall through the late winter, this part of Uruguay is home to a variety of exotic duck species including the Rosy-Billed Pochard, White-Faced Whistling Duck, Brazilian Teal, Brown Pintail, Speckled Teal, Ringed Teal, Southern Wigeon, Cinnamon Teal and Silver Teal. San Cirilo’s expert guides ensure that this is Uruguay duck hunting at its best.

Uruguay Dove Hunting (Year-Round)
The dove hunting in Uruguay is rivaled only by the hottest dove hunting destinations in Argentina. At San Cirilo, not only is the dove hunting excellent all year round, but it is a thrilling component of the mixed-bag program that also includes duck, pigeon and perdiz. The shooting is done in the area’s rolling green hills and farmlands, often just minutes away from the lodge. In this part of Uruguay, dove hunting helps to preserve valuable crops and farmers’ livelihoods; for this reason there is no dove hunting season and no bag limit! Shoulders willing, guests can expect to shoot upwards of 80 boxes per day!

Uruguay Perdiz Hunting (May 01 – July 31)
There is nothing like the thrill of hunting perdiz behind well-trained dogs. In Uruguay perdiz hunting is an obsession and it shows. San Cirilo employs some of the best dog handlers in all of Uruguay – locals that have been training dogs and hunting perdiz their whole lives. This vast experience pays off in the field, with San Cirilo offering some of Uruguay’s most consistent perdiz hunting. In addition to the great guides, the area’s perfect habitat and abundant food make for thriving perdiz populations.

Uruguay Pigeon Hunting (May 01 – Sept 15)
For those seeking a unique shooting experience, decoyed pigeon shooting certainly fits the bill. These “gentleman’s hunts” have long been a favorite among international sportsmen. Typically, the pigeon flights begin just after daybreak. Hunters are set in cornfield blinds with full decoy spreads including a revolving “pigeon carousel” or “pigeon magnet.” Pigeons are tough birds and are deceptively fast, but decoy readily with the proper spread in place. The action can be fast and furious, with hunters averaging between four and six boxes per hunt.

Uruguay Golden Dorado (Year-Round)
San Cirilo is one of the few wingshooting lodges that can also offer quality fishing as a bonus. The Golden Dorado is a fiercely fighting freshwater fish known for line-ripping runs and its acrobatic flights. Anglers have the option of fly fishing, spinning or trolling for these magnificent fish. Professional guides specializing in Golden Dorado fishing ensure every angler gets the most of each outing. The fishing can be done year-round but is best from mid September through April.

Sitting atop a hill with sweeping views of the Uruguayan countryside and the famous Rio Negro pigeon roost, San Cirilo Lodge serves as the ultimate retreat for hunters. Reconstructed before the 2009 mixed-bag season, the lodge offers uncommon luxuries and comforts. The lodge’s uniquely modern exterior can be deceiving; it functions beautifully as a hunting lodge. With six bedrooms and five bathrooms, the lodge can accommodate up to twelve hunters at a time. There is a grand living room and lounge, a separate dining area, a gun and tackle room and a popular outdoor fire pit with sitting area. Guests of San Cirilo can expect traditional Uruguayan cuisine prepared by a professional chef, accompanied by fine regional wines. Internet access is fully available at the lodge, as is phone service.

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