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"I had been hunting in Argentina four times previously. This, by far, exceeded all the others in the dove hunting, service and food"
P. Poggi

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Uruguay Bird Hunting – Decoyed Pigeon/Upland

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The charm of a Uruguayan bird shooting trip begins with the warm welcome of the estancia owners. You will feel instantly at home as you arrive at a ranch house that combines the elegance and tradition of yesteryear with the comforts and conveniences of today’s living. In homes with names like Hasparren, Marina and San Patricio, you feel that you are staying with friends, enjoying a rare blend of mixed-bag gunning and relaxed country estate living. These wonderful houses, with excellent accommodations and fine dining, are so attractive that clients are sometimes reluctant to leave for the field…but of course, that is where the action is!

Our outfitters, Raul Aenlle, Bernardo Barran and Luis Brown, love to hunt and are gracious and congenial hosts. Because they want to provide great service and even better hunting, they prefer small parties of six to eight shooters.

Upland Shooting – Perdiz, Dove & Pigeon: May-July

Each morning you will hunt prolific perdiz over pointing dogs. For lunch, return to the nearby estancia or enjoy a traditional delicious asado prepared in the field, followed in the afternoon and evening by dove and pigeon shooting as productive as any in South America. Return to the estancia late evening for cocktails and dinner. Note: A combination with duck shooting in neighboring Argentina can be added if desired.

Dove Special: November-March. This program offers unlimited shooting of exceptional quality and value. Parties begin their hunts the afternoon of arrival in Uruguay and continue all the way up until the final morning before boarding homeward flights.

Decoyed Pigeon Shooting: Year-round (except January & February)

The high art of shooting decoying pigeons over crops from blinds resembles England’s famous wood pigeon shooting, but it has been perfected in Uruguay on its own terms. Parties of up to eight hunters stay at an estancia or a villa by the sea and travel no more than 20 minutes to the fields where corn and sorghum is grown and pigeons abound.

During the summer months (December-March), it may be very tempting to take a few additional days off for the beautiful beaches of Punta del Este, a visit to Montevideo or even Buenos Aires, which is just across the Rio de la Plata.