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"I had been hunting in Argentina four times previously. This, by far, exceeded all the others in the dove hunting, service and food"
P. Poggi

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Uruguay Bird Hunting – San Juan Lodge

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“Dear Jeri, Thank you very much for putting such a wonderful trip together for us. We loved it all. After I got home I was off on business and then came down sick…that’s why I’m delinquent on the thank you note. I thought the entire experience was off the chart and the mixed bag combo was just perfect. Bernardo and staff were excellent…and the shooting was phenomenal. Hope to do something with you again,”

“The San Juan Lodge was all that you said it would be. The mixed bag was absolutely what we wanted. Mercedes and Bernardo (and Beatrice) were very gracious hosts and the logistics of all of the hunting and eating was flawless. The wine flowed freely and it was nice to eat the game.We don’t think you could get any better guides – Santiago, Antonio, Martin, Luis, Rafael (hope we didn’t forget anybody). I appreciated the great courderoy pants and jackets that were the uniforms. I hope we treasured the perdiz as much as Bernardo does!”
K. Douglas

Duck, Dove, Pigeon and Perdiz – May 1st / July 31st

Duck, Dove & Pigeon (No Perdiz) – August 1st / September 30thPaysandu, Uruguay
Though wingshooting in Uruguay might not have the international allure and fame that neighboring Argentina enjoys, it is every bit as spectacular! Uruguay’s lack of hunting pressure translates into bountiful and sustainable mixed-bag wingshooting. In May of 2008, after many years of scouting and combing over every detail, DCA’s longtime partners in Uruguay opened San Juan Wingshooting Lodge. Settled atop a huge hill with striking 360-degree vistas of the rolling countryside, this one-of-a-kind Uruguayan hunting lodge offers peerless mixed-bag wingshooting and unparalleled luxury. The San Juan wingshooting program is as unique as it is exhilarating – guests are treated to a true mixed-bag hunting experience that brings together all of South America’s most sought after game birds. Here, exceptional duck, dove and pigeon hunting is complimented by South America’s finest perdiz hunting. For those looking for outstanding mixed-bag wingshooting from one lodge, look no further.

The Hunt
Few hunting lodges can offer a true four-feather wingshooting experience. Often, hunters are forced to spend excessive time and money traveling to multiple destinations to get quality shooting and a variety of game. At San Juan Wingshooting Lodge, hunters often begin their days with comfortable short-grass perdiz hunting behind well-mannered pointers and English Setters. Morning duck hunting offers a thrilling alternative. Duck hunting in Uruguay can be quite a mixed-bag hunt in and of itself. Hunters have the opportunity to take as many as nine duck species in a single hunt. Common species include the famed Rosy-Billed Pochard, White-Faced Whistling Duck, Brazilian Teal, Brown Pintail, Speckled Teal, Ringed Teal, Southern Wigeon, Cinnamon Teal and Silver Teal. Wild pigeons are shot in combination with the ducks. Afternoons are usually reserved for hot-barreled high-volume dove hunting. This is NO-LIMIT shooting similar to what is found in Argentina. One of the area’s most populated dove roosts is just minutes away from the lodge. Drive times to the hunting fields, regardless of species, are typically kept between 5-35 minutes.

The Lodge
San Juan Wingshooting Lodge offers the best of both worlds – old-world ambiance and modern luxury. The lodge offers 5 suites, each with a full private bath and private fireplace. Groups are kept to no more than eight hunters to maximize comfort as well as ensure quality shooting and personal service for all. Gourmet cuisine and fine regional wines aren’t all that you’ll find in San Juan’s elegant dining room; from here the majestic views of the peaceful Uruguayan countryside remind visitors that there is beauty in simplicity. With its grand centerpiece fire pit, the lodge’s comfortable living room serves as the main gathering area in the evenings. Other lodge amenities include maid service, laundry service, massage service and Direct TV.