Why Even the Seasoned Traveler Should Use a Qualified Specialist

Deciding where, and when, to go can be a headache! Selecting flights, arranging transfers in arrival cities, booking hotels, obtaining licenses, determining what’s included and excluded, are just some of the considerations travelers must make.  This is more than most can handle. Normally, people who can afford to hunt internationally, don't have the time to do all the research with the due diligence it takes to plan the perfect trip. This is where Detail Company Adventures can save you time, money, and a lot of aggravation. Did you know that we book flights that are almost always priced below the best rates you can find on the internet?


A good company will ask the right questions to understand the desires of the customer, and then use their knowledge, contacts, and expertise to pair you with the right outfitter that meets your expectations. 


Detail Company Adventures is not married to one lodge or destination. We work with outfitters all over the world and we are not limited to just a few destinations. We have visited and vetted every outfitter we recommend so we know our clients will be getting superb service.


Getting to the destination can sometimes be a monumental task, so we always recommend purchasing flights and travel through our company. We have in-country representatives who will shuttle you through the city, take you shopping, to dinner, or sightseeing. They can meet you at the airport to ensure you get through customs and make it to your connecting flight on time. We have worked with these people for years and know they provide excellent service.

Another thing to consider is transfers and traveling with firearms. Not all services found on the internet are hunter/firearm friendly. It takes expert knowledge of international law, airline rules, customs, and permit regulations to properly advise and instruct a client on traveling with a firearm. Any mistake along the way can end in trip delays or far worse!


The airlines are not hunter friendly. Period. Our team members understand this and know what to expect from each airline, and how to properly advise each traveling client. We deal with numerous airlines every day, and this is where professional, international hunting/fishing specialists excel in saving their clients frustration and money.


We are on-call 24/7 to help fix a delayed flight, missed a connection, or lost bag. Your average, low-cost, internet broker or agent will not be there for you when you need them most. We WILL BE THERE for you.


Make no mistake…The Detail Company is the premiere, boutique, outdoor travel specialist in this industry. We treat every trip with care, concern, and attention to every detail. Compiling mountains of information from clients, outfitters, and airlines is an enormous undertaking, that takes years of experience to perfect. Our 40+ years of expertise lets you know your trip is going to be planned right!


In short, a good company ensures your international or domestic trip is well planned, well executed, and comes off without a hitch. At Detail Company Adventures…we KNOW what we’re doing!!!

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From the beautiful old ranch houses to the expeditionary camps of Alaska, The Detail Company ensures that every guest receives "star" treatment and all their needs are fully met.



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Make your reservations now for international locations which include: Argentina, Bolivia, Ireland, and many more! Call The Detail Company and tell us where you would like to go!


We handle every detail of every trip and stay in constant contact before, during, and after your trip. This includes 24/7 availability while you're traveling.

Detail Company Adventures boasts over 7,000 active clients for a reason; impeccable attention to detail, flawless execution of each facet of a trip, and the close bonds with our partners built over nearly 40 years!

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