Argentina offers the finest Wingshooting in the world. The lodges represented on this page are a fraction of what the country has to offer! We try to pick the best for our clients, and we feel these are top picks. With trips starting as low as $895/person for a 3 day hunt, Argentina is within your grasp. Peak seasons are January-March and August-October, but Doves are hunted year round in most areas.


With a history that spans over a century, this lodge manages to blend the traditional beauty of it's 1800's buildings with the surrounding nature. Tradition reigns in the 7 rooms with private bathrooms, a big dining room, and a comfortable living room. Each one evoking a strong sense of Argentine history and charm. This lodge is located in one of the best duck hunting areas of Argentina and is only a 3 hour drive from Buenos Aires airport. This lodge has one of the best game cooks in the world, hired by French & American customers in the off season to go and cook at their private lodges.You will get to try an equisite cuisine and make your hunting experience even more enjoyable.

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As the only licensed outfitter in Salta, we have no competition, we pick the very best fields and we offer non-stop shooting action. Your idea of hunting in Argentina will change forever the minute you get to know the amazing high volume dove shooting, hunting, and fishing experiences TUKU Lodge has to offer in the most beautiful landscapes you could ever imagine. The Golden Dorado is the highest river fish trophy you can aspire in South America. We have two rivers for challenging wade fishing. Both are smaller rivers of pristine and clear water. You may also enjoy the magical city of Salta, the colonial gem of northwest Argentina, or take a day-tour to fab wine-region of Cafayate.


This lodge takes pride in being one of the exclusive outfitters to offer such a variety of mixed bagged hunting and fishing opportunities in Argentina. Whichever package you choose, you won’t be disappointed by the  first-class Sportsman experience you receive. Ask us about the different shooting & fishing combo packages this lodge has to offer and see which one best fit your hunting desires.

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Situated just north of Los Alerces National Park, in one of Patagonia’s most picturesque valleys, Valle del Carrileufu Lodge is ideally located close to fabulous fisheries such as the Rivadavia, Arrayanes, Carrileufu, and Chubut, as well as numerous spring creeks and lagoons. It's a beautiful place, with wide open views to the dramatic peaks of the Andes, dominated by the lovely Cerro tres Picos. This small, intimate lodge is a true taste of authentic Patagonia. The staff are warm, caring, and gracious, and will make you feel right at home with their well-appointed accommodations, and thoughtfully prepared meals. Fishing at Valle del Carrileufu Lodge. Our guides have fished the tremendous waters in this area for many years, and their experience with these fisheries is second to none. Staying at Valle del Carrileufu Lodge allows us to share this special place with you, and avoid the long drive (2+ hours each way) necessary from the El Encuentro Lodge. This gives us more time and flexibility to plan our days around the best fishing at the best times. The months of November and December are prime time in the Carrileufu valley and Los Alerces National Park. Water conditions in the area’s rivers and lakes are ideal. Fish feed eagerly after a long Patagonia winter, and early season hatches of mayflies, caddis flies, and dragonflies are exceptional.


Our clients love the laidback atmosphere of this lodge. You can kick your feet up, smoke a great cigar, and sip on the very best wines. Pool, hot tub, fireplace, and excellent shooting make this a repeated favorite. If you love to laugh, this is your place!

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This 5-star operation is perfect for corporate, family, or large groups of friends. The birds are literally right out the back door of this wonderful lodge. Fine dining, luxurious atmosphere, and great service. Many of our clients refuse to go anywhere but here. Looking to entertain...stop here! 


This "true" estancia is steeped in Argentinian history, offering a real taste and feel of Cordoba and Argentina. Genuine sophistication and elegance make this the place to go for creating lasting memories. Superb shooting coupled with great wine and extraordinary cuisine.

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The lowlands of Cordoba offer birds at the back door which helps to shorten drive times to the fields. Excellent lodging, fine dining, and Argentinian wines, plus plenty of great services make this lodge very much sought after.

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Six bedroom, 6 bath lodge, operated by Manuel Lainez and his son Oscar. There is no finer a gentleman than Manuel and he gives all his clients the "white glove" treatment. Fine wines and dining abound here, and the shooting fields are always nearby. Manuel's dedication to his craft ensures his clients are always where the action is.


Since 1988 Los Ombues has been hosting hunters in Argentina and in 1992 they were lucky to find what is probably the premier hunting spot in Argentina. The terrain consists of rolling hills with extensive pastures and agricultural land next to one of the largest marsh areas in Argentina. The area is located at 250 miles northwest from the City of Buenos Aires in the Entre Rios Province. The only thing missing was the right place to stay where all this hunting would be at walking distance from the front door of the lodge. With a group of American bird hunters as investors, they bought a 2,500 acre spread and in early 1994, they started building the first five star hunting lodge in Argentina. Since then they have been buying land every year. Today the property is 40,000 acres large. The house stands on top of a hill overlooking a marsh surrounded by this beautiful landscape dotted with the legendary Argentina tree: "The Ombu" from where the lodge takes it's name "LOS OMBUES". The lodge has been open since August 1995 and the shooting is getting better every year.

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Posta del Norte has always been a client favorite for it's amazing dove hunting and it's privacy. The lodge can be reserved entirely in private with as few as four clients. There is no additional surcharge for private rooms. This is ideal for families, small groups of friends and corporate outings.


This European-style log and stone lodge looks out at the Andes Mountains and is entirely surrounded by nature, reminding guests that they are truly in the heart of Patagonia. Throughout the property, it is nearly impossible to not be taken by a view of the Andes. At the lodge guests find spacious double occupancy rooms with private baths. They also can enjoy the large common room that features a dining area, bar, and lounge with a fireplace that brings everyone together over cocktails. And upstairs, guests will find a living room, a TV, and a fully-equipped fly-tying table, as well a a private office with a computer and phone.
They are passionate about the food served. Head Chef, a Le Cordon Bleu graduate, only uses local and organic ingredients. Fresh eggs are served daily, and the cuts of chicken, lamb, and beef we prepare come from the livestock on the property. Breakfast is served at the lodge, and a gourmet lunch with wine is served on the water by our guides. As is typical in Argentina, dinner is served in the late evening, and with this meal, the head chef delights our guests with meat and vegetable entrees paired with fine wines.
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Argentina is well known among big game hunters worldwide for the outstanding variety of game there. Most famous for it's great European Stag and Boar, but also outstanding Fallow and Axis Deer, Blackbucks, Himalayan Thars, Mouflon Sheep, Wild Goats, Wild Rams, and Multi-horned Sheep. Just like in Texas, exotics were introduced to add variety to the game list. Today many introduced exotics are well established in Argentina and are free ranging. 
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One of the recognized highlights of Cerro Las Tunas Lodge is the fine cuisine prepared by charming host and Chef Iñaki Arbeloa.  Iñaki ´s menus feature the best of Argentina beef, lamb, and game. Freshly harvested produce from our own garden ensure the freshest flavours to compliment Iñaki´s dishes. With so many internationally renowned Argentina Wines, Cerro Las Tunas Lodge keeps an extensive cellar of the best winerys. 

Choose from 4 charming rooms with king beds, some with  private sitting rooms. All have picturesque views of either the magnificent gardens, or the distant stunning mountains.

The deluxe accommodations at Cerro Las Tunas are of the highest quality. The private suites and the food, wine and service are exquisite and on par with famous, world class, five star hoteliers. Every aspect of our five star big game hunting lodge exudes the highest level of comfort and luxury while still maintaining a comfortable, familiar atmosphere.


El Aguara Lodge is located in La Pampa Province, only 140 miles (230 Kms) from Bahia Blanca city. Our lodge is the typical Argentinean estancia where the gauchos and our tradition is combined with the atmosphere of a hunting lodge. There are firearms available to rent at the lodge.

Estancia "El Aguara" is a 24.000 acre agricultural and stockbreeding farm that combines flat areas, forests, low hills and an incredible challenging landscape that any hunter would love to face. This farm is a natural habitat for Red Stag, Fallow Deer, Axis Deer, Blackbucks, Wild Boars, Water Buffalo, Mouflon, Dorset & Four Horned Sheep, Scottish Black Face, and Wild Goat among others. The hunting operation is Free Range

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Patagonia Lodge is an 18.000 acres farm in the Argentinean Patagonia, a 3 hour vehicle drive separates our Ranch from San Martin de los Andes Airport.

Patagonia Lodge is located in Neuquén Province, a place well known among Red Deer Trophy hunters. It is one of the most remarkable hunting regions in Argentina with excellent big game options. This is the perfect habitat for Red Stag, which are found free roaming in abundance.

From our lodge, you will also have the opportunity to have the best fly fishing experience as two big and famous rivers go through this property: Kilka and Alumine Rivers.


At 300 km from Ezeiza International Airport is "San Juan Lodge, located in a stunning rural setting in the heart of the Duck region of Buenos Aires Province, the Estancia has a great location and a warm and welcoming style, close to Bolivar City but in a stunning rural setting.

Lodge has 6 suite bedrooms to accommodate a max of 12 guests endowed with a spacious lounge and a cozy living room with a fire pipe creates a comfortable, relaxing environment. 
The chef creates an array of delicious traditional specialties and international dishes with the best Argentine beef and quality ingredients along with our typical asados.
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