Our hunt in Bolivia was amazing and The Detail Company made it easy and fun. There are a lot of, well, details, that need to be handled for a successful overseas hunting trip. Ms. Jeri & Nicole know every one of them and kept us safe and happy throughout the entire experience. We enjoyed it so much, we booked another trip with them!

Jeff Hotz | June 2021 | 5.0 Stars

Hello Jeri & Nicole, The facility is first-rate for corporate groups and small groups like us. The food is fantastic and the doves plentiful. Bird boys are very diligent in their duty to take care of us. Cooks will make you fat. All is heavenly here and we are truly blessed to be heard. You can shoot a case of shells, if your shoulder can take the abuse, most outings.

Rick Sefton | June 2021 | 5.0 Stars

Hola Felipe - just a quick note of thanks to everyone on the Bolivian Adventures team for another great trip. As usual everything was pretty much perfect. I didn't even have a jam in 89 boxes of shells (Still hate Benellis, but that is a personal problem...). The bird boys and lodge crew were great, as were Senior, Junior, Martine and definitely JP. Really appreciate you meeting us at the airport too. And your flexibility in picking us up and delivering us back from airport to the lodge helped enormously. Hope you have a great rest of the season. We will be reaching out very soon to grab dates for next year.

Kelly, Roger, and the Rest of the Texans | May 2021 | 5.0 Stars

Hi Jeri, Things are great in Bolivia. Hunting has been terrific, the lodge & crew are as
good as remembered. Travel went well, too!

Soape Group | May 2021 | 5.0 Stars

Dear Jeri, Thank you just isn't enough for the great job and EXTRA effort you put into our trip to "The Pigeon Palace" in Bolivia. The shooting was good and the birds very challenging. Mozo has a very beautiful lodge, the rooms are very spacious, with ample space for your gear. It was nice meeting Bill and Geo at the hotel. Ray, Earl, and I all agree that we would hunt this lodge again, and plan to do so. Giovani, "Geo"...made entering and exiting the country so easy. She knows her way around the airport and all the paperwork. She is a valuable employee and a real team player. We enjoyed her company so that we took her out to dinner on our last night in town. Jeri....Stay well, I'll contact you shortly regarding our next trip.

Frank B. | April 2021 | 5.0 Stars

No Hassles! Jeri & Staff. We look forward to our trip again for duck hunting in 2021. Thank you and Keki for 15 years straight of great waterfowl and pigeon shooting. Your help with airline, gun entry, lodging, and food allowed us great trips with little to no hassles. You are always there when I call. You keep me going in the right direction when I travel with my guns. Good Luck, Jeri...we will talk soon.

W. Sefton | March 2021 | 5.0 Stars

Exceptional! Thank you Jeri! Our Quail/Dove trip to Texas was exceptional. The accommodations were perfect!! We truly appreciate your suggestions and service. We will call you soon for another 2021 adventure.

Franco | January 2021 | 5.0 Stars

Trustworthy and Honest. Have known Jeri Booth (Detail Company Adventures) for many years, she has arranged and sent me and my groups on hunts to Argentina, Mexico, and Bolivia. All details of the trips including airlines, hunt permits, and the hunts themselves were handled professionally by Jeri and the Lodge owners without problems or issues. I will say this...Jeri has a very loyal following of dedicated hunters who trust in her judgement and honest assessment of finding quality destinations and taking care of every detail that comes up.

William Braden | January 2021 | 5.0 Stars

What a great trip! Hunting very good. People could not have been nicer. Food ok, but nothing special. Did not meet Eric as he was at another hunting lease. We did meet his brother (& Partner in the operation). His name is Jared. Very nice man. Jared's wife and Eric's wife cooked Thanksgiving lunch for us. Everyone was pleased with the trip.

C. White | November 2020 | 5.0 Stars

Great Job! Donna & I enjoyed our trip with Kevin so very much in 2019, that we are planning our trip back for 2021/2022. No detail was left undone. Great Job!!

Foster | February 2020 | 5.0 Stars

    Oustanding! Detail Staff, all is well here in Ireland. Just finished the driven shoot....Outstanding venue!! Very unusual setting & operation. Great Family! Kevin, Maria, and their son Tom!!! Apparently all Irish people are very happy.

Anthony B. | November 2019 | 5.0 Stars

CALL OUT TO DETAIL COMPANY ADVENTURES! We want to thank you for the planning and executing a successful Dove hunting trip experience for our group. The accommodations, service, and hospitality were over the TOP! We will be in touch for our return trip. Thank you Detail Company.

Ernest | May 2012 | 5.0 Stars

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